Why Whiteboard Animation Is Important For Our Business?

Why Should I use Whiteboard Animation?

What is Whiteboard Animation?

When talking about whiteboard animation, many would think back to their school days. Whiteboards were (and still are!) used in a learning and teaching environment.

The boards are cleverly used as a prop to illustrate a certain topic or explain a teaching point to an audience.

With the digital age, whiteboard teaching and explanation has spread into the online world. Nowadays, whiteboard animation is used for marketing, advertising and for online courses and training platforms.

Whiteboard animation is a process where someone physically draws on a whiteboard or white surface with a marker pen. This type of animation typically uses line drawings, sometimes with colour, to illustrate information.

Why use it?

As whiteboards are typically used in the learning environment, they are a great way to explain complex information. Therefore, using animated whiteboard videos can hold a similar purpose.

Using animation can explain detailed information without confusing or boring the audience. Also, using fictional characters can add humor and simplicity to a situation.



When can it be Used?

The days have gone where producing heaps of content and stacks of information for people to read will increase your website following. People just don’t have time to sit and read through complex wordy blog posts that is difficult to mentally digest. Nowadays, it’s all about animation and video. A quick, professional and engaging way to grab your customers attention, animation is one of the best marketing strategies for any business or organisation.

There are multiple usages of this type of animation. For example, whiteboard animation can be used for;

  • Explaining a product or service
  • A Teaching aid for an online course
  • Explaining complex ideas
  • Showing network or flow diagrams
  • Explain the structure of an organisation or company



Why Choose Animated Marketing?

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