Why Simple Explainer Videos Is Key In Your Marketing Strategy For 2020

Why Simple Explainer Videos Is Key In Your Marketing Strategy For 2020

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Animated Marketing is the 21st Century Solution

The 21st century has seen a hyperactive change of the media landscape. From a time of print media, to the dawn of digital marketing, it is clear there has been a shift. The internet has changed marketing forever and continues to reinvent itself the more we discover how to use it.

Animated marketing has risen as a result of these changes. As the internet changes shape, we need to accommodate for the differences. Whether you are explaining a simple buying process or deep-diving into how a product functions, using animated marketing is key in the 21st century.

This article will discuss one of the most prominent marketing mediums in 2019 and what is most likely to be the leader in 2020!

The Influence of Video Marketing on Advertising in 2020

One of the most prominent trends in internet marketing for 2019 was the use of video advertising which includes whiteboard animation or blackboard animation. And, this trend is expected to grow even more prominent in 2020!

With over 80% of internet traffic being video-based, it is justified that the most prominent form of advertising in 2020 will be video-based.

Animated Marketing has realized this trend and has confirmed its legitimacy. Video marketing is the NOW of online advertising and animated video will be the future whether it is whiteboard, blackboard or simple explainer video. Thus, animated marketing should be a key aspect of your marketing strategy for 2020.

The most valuable reason why you need to use easy whiteboard animation in your marketing strategy is down to ease of understanding. Animated marketing has the ability to convert complex explanations into easy understandable animated infographics or just simple explainer videos.

Animated Marketing in your Marketing Strategy

Why using Animated Marketing will Increase your Profits

The use of animated marketing has been able to change the outcome of visitors who visit new websites by increasing website conversions. There are other benefits too…

1. Increase Conversion Rates

Featuring an animated video on your websites landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 85%. That’s a huge amount, especially for a small business just started out!

2. Customers are Convinced

Over 60% of viewers who are engaged by an simple explainer videos are more convinced to purchase products/services and online courses. Also, using animated marketing has proven to be one of the best converting genres of advertising, especially on the YouTube platform.

3. Engagement

Users who are looking for more information about a product are far more engaged by explainer videos because of their professional appeal while remaining simple and time-efficient.

Studies and Research to prove that Animated Marketing is Key

There have been scientific studies performed on the effectiveness of the claims listed above. One of these studies shows that our brains are primarily visual learners. Therefore, this is a direct advantage to using animated marketing opposed to traditional video advertising.

While increasing visuals and maintain audio, animation engages multiple aspects of the viewers senses. Also, visual aids, unlike their human competitors, are in no way limited to the constraints of an actors body movements. Animations can be exactly what the product or service demands.

Arguable most importantly, animated marketing offers a “wow” factor for a brand. Unlike traditional media production, animation marketing offers an easily digestible piece of content which people want to share.

Summary of the Effectiveness of Animated Marketing

Animated marketing is professional and personal. When talking directly to consumer, animated marketing can use simple explainer voice-overs to explain details and entice the consumer.

Also, the compelling visuals used in animated marketing are matched to your brand’s corporate identity. This is very attractive and stands out from other forms of advertising. Moreover, using animated marketing provides an opportunity to tell a unique story which is tailored to the message of your brand! From fun-loving and inspirational to a professional business tone, animated marketing will be able to create the look and feel your brand needs to connect to customers.

We encourage anyone who is thinking about using animated marketing to GO FOR IT!

A new and impactful form of marketing that is taking the internet by storm and creating a new opportunity for existing and growing businesses to make an impact without the price tag.

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