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Whiteboard Animation

The art of whiteboard animation has become more and more popular over the years. This type of animation has been used for marketing and informing customers about products or services. It is also regularly used in the training environment as it can engage people from the start! Whiteboard art is dynamic and really gets the message across to the viewer.

At Animated Marketing, we offer whiteboard animation in black and white, colour and motion. There are also a variety of additional extras which can be included to make your whiteboard animation personal to your organisation.

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Explainer Animation

Like whiteboard animation, explainer animation does a similar thing. This type of art can be used to explain, teach or inform viewers about a certain topic, product or service. It is routinely used in the training environment as it is a great way to engage learners and keep them interested in the subject.

At Animated Marketing, we offer a variety of Explainer Animation packages.

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  • Animated Marketing Logo Animation

Logo Animation

Logo Animation is becoming more and more popular within various online branding strategies. Having animation for your logo is a fun and exciting way to draw attention to your brand and catch customers attention. Background music, combined with visual effects creates a sense of creativity and professionalism compared to a standard still logo design.

At Animated Marketing, we offer three packages of Logo Animation which can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

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We understand that every order is different, therefore we don’t offer a ‘one-price-fits-all’ solution. Instead our experts will look through your requirements and give the best price for your work.


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