Five Reasons Why Your Brand NEEDS Logo Animation

5 Reasons why your Brand NEEDS Logo Animation

What is Logo Animation?

In simple terms, logo animation is your brand logo in motion. The motion could be incorporated in different directions, speeds or style, but most importantly it brings your logo alive!

An animated logo typically should last between 5-10 seconds and usually includes visual effects and sound. These types of logo also have a voiceover explaining what the brand/business is about before.

Corporate logo animation is becoming more and more popular amongst well-known brands such as Google and Coca-Cola.

At Animated Marketing, we have a specialist team who love doing logo animation! Check out our YouTube channel to see some of their work! If you want to order animated logo for your corporation or business, contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is the difference between an Animated Logo and a Standard Logo?

The main difference between an animated logo and a standard logo design is the motion aspect of it. Logo animation typically incorporates your existing logo design, but adds visual effects and sound.

Ultimately, having a logo that shouts your brands message is important. If you feel your logo isn’t doing that, check out our post on How to Create the ‘Perfect’ Logo for your business

Or you can contact us directly and one of our team will be on hand to help you!

Animated Marketing Logo Animation

Reasons why your Brand NEEDS Logo Animation

Okay, so listed below are 5 key reasons why your brand NEEDS logo animation.

They are in no particular order because they are all equally as important as each other. But, all the 5 points have one thing in common – Logo Animation will boost your branding and attract more customers!

Contact us for more information and lets get started on your logo animation journey today!

Logo Animation for your Business

1. An Animated Logo will capture Attention

A logo reveal or animated logo adds suspense to your audience. A good animated logo will keep the viewer engaged and enticed into the motion and movement of the logo itself.

In addition, if you add background music or sound and you attract the hearing senses of your viewing meaning a greater connection and engagement.

2. The Logo becomes more Memorable 

Typically, the first thing your audience sees when visiting your website or social media pages is your logo. If you logo is eye catching, engaging and full of motion, it is more like to become memorable for them compared to a standard dull logo in the logo left corner of your page.

If your brand becomes more memorable, customers are more like to recall your brand, product or service when they require something from your sector.

3. Adds Class and Professionalism to your Brand Message

FACT: Anyone can make a logo. It might not look professional and might not have been created on professional software. Nevertheless anyone can put something together.

BUT, logo animation is usually done by professional animation artists with years of experience.

So, using logo animation adds a sense of class and professionalism to your business. It shows that you invest time and money into your branding and if you do this for your image, you are much more likely to invest quality into your product or service.

4. Makes your Brand Stand Out from your Competitors

Lets face it, this NEEDS to be done. Your brand, service or product needs to be the one that people go to. Ultimately, that’s how you get customers!

Having an animated logo will capture attention, improve your website SEO and more importantly will beat your competitors!

Use logo animation as your tool on your way to market domination!

5. Logo Animation is good for Website SEO

If a potential customer lands on your website homepage and is watching your logo animation, this will keep them on your page for longer. So, as a result, your average time on page will increase.

Also, if they are already on your page, then they are more likely to stay on your website and search or visit more of your pages.

All this positively impacts your website SEO score and is favoured by Google! So, in simple terms, having logo animation will improve your website SEO, will keep customers on your website, and will likely increase sales and engagement from customers.

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