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How to Use Animated Explainer Video For Social Media Marketing

Animated Explainer Video

Social Media Marketing Strategy

At Animated Marketing, we believe that Explainer Video Marketing needs to be apart of all businesses Social Media Marketing Strategies.

In a study performed by American research centres (The State of Attention Report), it was found that visually stimulating advertising, which kept the viewer engaged, was the best at retaining viewers attention.

With this in mid, social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn have all adapted a video sharing motif. This clearly highlights the importance and relevance of video across the different platforms.

As users begin to share more than 90% of their content in the video format, it has become imperative for this adaptation in brands, advertisers and influencers to create more video-based content such as whiteboard animation, blackboard animation and many more.

The reason for the adaptation revolves around time and retention based content. As the media landscape changes and video becomes a far easier medium to digest, consumers are drawn to searching for and consuming their content in the video format across all their social media platforms.

Not only must the content be accurate and informative but to be shared, it also needs to be entertaining. This is the reason social media marketing strategies across social media platforms are calling for high quality, family-friendly, video-based animation content.

Why To Use Animated Explainer Video For Social Media Marketing?

Video has become one of the keys to an effective social media marketing strategy for several reasons. Below are three main reasons as to why businesses should choose animated explainer videos for social media strategies.

1. Social Media Animation

Visuals are much faster than text. Throughout life, we have all grown to realise that we are more likely to remember the things we have experienced visually opposed to the reading of a written text.

Scientifically speaking, it is easier for the human brain to process images. For example, this is the reason we have road signs and symbols to navigate the road quickly.

Some studies have shown that the human brain can process videos up to 60,000 times faster than the text. Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn and others have identified this human trait and turned it into a marketing opportunity for their users and advertisers.

As a further incentive, it is even possible to reduce the cost of advertising across your social media marketing strategy and these platforms, by simply switching to animated explainer video marketing.

2. Social Media Animation & Human Emotions

Animated Video Marketing can be nostalgic and remind viewers of cartoons they used to watch at a younger age and allows them to unapologetically become a kid again.

Animation is also neutral and provides a prejudice-free platform to speak to all potential clients instead of unintentionally targeting groups of people by using actors of identifiable ethnicity or cultural stereotypes.

Also, animation is tasteful and easy to digest for all who engage with it.

3. Social Media Animation & The Content Consumption Rate

Social Media Animation Marketing cuts through the clutter of intrusive media marketing by being easily digestible and time-efficient.

Gone are the days of reading an article for minutes, when you can achieve the same thing with a well-produced video in just a matter of seconds.

Why fight with the viewer’s hasty schedule to watch someone explain something at length when a short piece of narrated and accurately animated content can be used to perfectly explain products, services and so much more.

This is the number one reason that Social Media Animation and Video content, in general, has taken the front seat for social media marketing strategies.

The consumer’s rate of consumption has simply grown to a point in which traditional text-based advertising will not cut through the advertising clutter, no matter how good the narrative.

How Animated Marketing will Boost Your Social Media Marketing Game

Viewers prefer video content as opposed to reading and therefore using videos are a great aid for sales. While there are many sales tactics which salespeople engage in to get people to purchase products.

Videos bridge the gap between intrusive sales tactics that back clients into a corner and instead allow them to organically decide for themselves.

1. Animation Keeps the Viewers’ Attention

Animation keeps the viewers’ attention by evoking feelings of interest and amazement. A highly emotional medium, animation creates relationships between viewers and characters that are simply not possible with actors whose enthusiasm can easily become identified as ‘fake’.

2. Animation Cuts Through the Clutter

Animation cuts through the clutter of intrusive media marketing. A great example is Google Doodles. An intelligently structured design element which Google uses to inform people on the significance of days Google finds significant. This gets them to click on things they had no idea they had any interest in to begin with.

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