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We are a team of experts who have all come together to deliver an all rounded high-quality professional service. We are based in the UK, however we have delivered products throughout Europe.

At Animated Marketing, we offer professional whiteboard animation, blackboard animation and simple explainer videos at affordable prices. We are not like large agencies who charge a fortune for content and take months to deliver. Or like small start-ups that lack quality and experience. We put our customers’ requirements at the centre of everything that we do and smash expectations.

We also understand that everyone’s requirements are different. This is why we don’t set a ‘one price fits all’ solution. We provide quotes and discuss with our clients their budget and what we can offer.

Contact us for further information or to discuss a quote with one of our experts.

Team of Experts

Professional Service

Affordable Prices

No 'One-Price-Fits-All' Solution

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Why use Animation for Marketing?

Research has proven that having animation on your website statistically increases customer time on your webpage while drastically improving conversion rate. So, if you want to grow your business and boost your website traffic, you NEED animation.

Engage Customers and Encourage Sales

Increase audience retention rates

Improve conversion rate

Boost credibility

Increase ROI

Encourage user and customer engagement

Improve SEO

Help understanding

Why use Animation for Training?

We have worked and supported companies in developing their online training platform for employees.

Providing simple explainer videos for online training packages can educate workers whilst boosting enthusiasm and engagement in the workplace. Our whiteboard animation videos provide a multi-sensory learning experience which is specifically designed to increase learners engagement and retention rate.

Engage Learners

Suitable for all Learning Styles


Boost Enthusiasm for Learning

Attributes to Positive Reputation

Animation For Training

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